Garage Door Repair Libertyville – When to Get Professional Services

If you think there is something more annoying than having your garage doors getting stuck then better think again. When the doors on your garage are malfunctioning (or cease functioning altogether), there are a number of issues you can come across. For example, you cannot park your car properly inside the house (which would then be “open season” for car thieves), items within the garage can be stolen if the doors would not close properly, or that the items inside the garage will have front row seats to acquiring all types of dust and dirt from the outdoors.

After years and years of usage, your automatic garage doors may tend to start having problems. Screaming ‘open sesame’ in front of them is definitely not the way to go.


Do not jump the gun into deciding that you immediately have to acquire garage door repair services. There are times when home remedies can suffice to getting your doors functioning like new once more. Doing proper maintenance is key to having ‘healthy’ garage doors.

For issues concerning malfunctioning doors, check out the following list before consulting your local garage door repair company.

Check the remote and the wall switch. Do both work wonderfully or does one of them have problems? Oftentimes when it comes to the remote for your garage door openers is that their batteries have ran out. If you are able to open the garage doors with the wall switch but not with the remote, well, you know what to do.

Is everything plugged in? This is a common, yet very frustrating, issue for garage door owners. Sometimes the chord that connects the door motors gets disconnected from the wall socket. Many garage door owners immediately assume their doors need repair when the chord might have been accidentally kicked by a passer by.

Something is blocking the sensor’s line of sight. Automatic garage doors have photo detectors wherein the sensors always need a clear line of sight for the remote to work. If there is something that is obstructing the sensors then it will have a hard time picking up signals from the remote. Hence, the doors may not immediately open or close no matter how hard you press that button on the remote.

If you think that you’ve done everything but your garage doors are still having major problems, then that is the time for you to seek professional services. For establishments within Libertyville, get the help you need with the repair people from Garage Door Repair Libertyville.

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